Our expertise is built on a family history of more than a century in the shoe makers industry, 45 years in our current activity.

A functional and very organized solid infrastructure, a network of experts and reliable specialists, and creativity are our main assets.

From our experience and expertise in the shoe makers industry, we assure the methodical follow-up of your production. We are always listening to your needs, and we partner with you in every stage of your project.

We are proud today to be able to say loud and clear that our abilities are recognized and approved  the main fashion brands worldwide. Working ethically and sustainably is fundamental for Cosi Cosi Group, and we are committed to supporting the thousands of people in our supply chain who make the garments we produce for our clients.

The shoe makers industry has the potential to make a massive positive impact on social development. We are working closely with all our employees we’re committed to sustaining our efforts at all levels of the company.

Our challenging targets help us continually strive for improvement. I hope that
this website will inform you clearly about our group and will facilitate our first contact.

Kind Regards,

Manuel Barceló


People are the company’s driving force. Our employees are a vital source of wealth and
a fundamental strategic factor for our competitive edge in a constantly evolving global market.

Passion, skills and each person’s intellectual curiosity guide Cosi Cosi in everything it does.

The uniqueness of its heritage and the range of skills consolidated over the years
mean that every single process is execut.

Only experts in their respective elds are chosen to make each model. All departments at the factory are united in the same goal of modern luxury: perfection down to the tiniest detail. Excellent knowledge, manual skills,
passion and a drive for experimentation are their fundamental values.

Cosi Cosi Group employs 120 staff members at two production sites that are their main productive installations. Two production plants, raw material warehouse (RMW) and also semi-finished

At present Cosi Cosi Group controls 25000 references per year of finished product distributed in two warehouses that add up approximately 6000
and 2500 m2.


In regard to our planet, Cosi Cosi Group integrates sustainable development criteria in all its processes, ensuring an efficient management of human
resources and an appropriate protection of the environment and the eco-systems. We are pleased to share our alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), further demonstrating our dedication to driving meaningful positive change—not just for our Company, but for the greater global community.


Cosi Cosi Group seeks economic growth coupled with medium- and long-term sustainable development, contributing to respect for people, for the environment, for communities and for their surroundings.

These principles, which have always been part of the company’s activities, are expressed in the corporate culture, in relations with institutions and industry associations, with supply chain partners and in projects that support communities in the areas where it operates.


ISO 9001: Respect for the Environment and Management of Resources

ISO 14001 Quality Management

SA8000: Family life

OHSAS 18001

SEDEX: Working conditions and Reconciliation with occupational Risk Prevention and Safety.